"I'm counting, counting down the days, to when I see your face."

"Dance, mythology, captivating stories, hypnotizing guitar lines and sex appeal."

We'll take you to
Another World

Linnea Lindblom is a duo rock ‘n’ rolling all the way from Luleå in the North of Sweden. Their music is a mix of rock and country, with unapologetic lyrics and sexy guitar riffs.

Whilst Linnea and Lucas may seem like the average singer/songwriter pair at first glance, the second they step on stage you notice that’s not the case. Their energy fills both the stage and the audience. Never giving any less than their absolute all. It’s not just music, it’s a show. Dance, mythology, captivating stories, hypnotizing guitar lines and sex appeal.

As soon as Linnea knew how to speak, she wrote songs. When she could only scribble in capital letters, some backwards, the spelling horrendous, she was still jotting down lyrics in her pink childhood notebooks.

Lucas went the first few years of his life without the guitar, but as soon as his fingers had grown out, he was ready. Before he knew addition he knew the “kycklingpolka” riff. The longest he goes without playing the guitar is dictated by how many hours he sleeps at night.

When the pair met their skills merged perfectly. Lyrics and chords. Vocals and guitar. Their first song was in the making mere days after meeting.

In 2024 they will be releasing these songs, and more. They’re gearing up to take you to Another World.

Linnea Lindblom Live @ EDEN FESTIVAL 2022