"With over 50 songs in our repertoire and many hours of experience playing in a lot of different settings, we will adapt our gigs both after the audience but also after your requests.”

  • Book Linnea Lindblom for your festival, concert, restaurant, pub, bar, party or business event.

Why should you book us?

  • Except for the fact that we deliver an amazing live show? Well, plain and simple, you can trust us. We show up on time, we bring our own PA, all you need to provide is a stage and a power outlet. And we’ve so far never cancelled a concert. The show must go on.

What do we perform?

  • Rock ‘n’ roll and country! As a duo, we have a repertoire of 50+ songs. Originals and covers. We play songs we love. And always give every show our all.

  • With a band we generally only play originals, but if you have any special requests, please feel free to ask.

  • Contact us and we will discuss and decide time for rigging, set length, compensation and everything practical. We are based in Sweden, but will gladly play in other countries.
  • We will be happy to take your request or answer any questions! Call or text us at +4672 706 29 64, or send an email to kontakt@linnealindblom.se.

Picture: Live at Imagine Sweden